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Here is the Super Sized knife that everyone wanted.  And it is a Super knife not just in size, but in ferocity, intimidation and performance.  I’m almost scared to carry the thing around.  It’s like carrying a folding scimitar around in your pocket.  It is the largest folder that we’ve ever made and yet it stills feels great in the hand, and handles like a sports car in action.

I don’t know if you all know the history of the CQC-8 but it has been a favorite among certain “circles” in Britain’s Famed SAS regiment for years and has been in action since the Bosnian Conflict.  It is a true battle hardened veteran that has seen action in every theatre since the 1980’s.  That’s going on 30 years now.  This “Super” version is a cutting, slashing monster that will do whatever you ask of a knife.  These knives are also already in the production line and are scheduled for finish in April.

The first run is small and if you want one get your order now because just like the A-100, the dealers are lining up and placing their orders.  We will save a few but we’re going to move them fast.  Don’t delay.